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Enjoy up to HK$250 statement credits by October 31, 2021
Register an Eligible Card and spend a net amount of HK$50 or more, in a single transaction at participating merchants/websites by October 31, 2021 to receive a HK$25 statement credit, up to 10 times, once per participating location/website. Limited to first 60,000 successfully registered Cards. 

And get year-round offer at some participating merchants by June 30, 2022. Blackout dates apply for this offer.

Terms and Conditions apply. Visit bit.ly/shopsmall_hk_en for details and participating merchants. Only English is available for participating merchants.
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  why do we need this?
  why do we need this?

Offer Terms
The following Offer Terms are specific to the Offer above:
  1. The Registered Card Offer commences on July 2, 2021 and ends on October 31, 2021, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”).
  2. Cardmembers must successfully register an Eligible Card during the Promotion Period, then spend a net amount of HK$50 or more, in a single transaction on the Registered Card (“Spending Requirement”) at participating merchant locations/websites (“Participating Merchants”) during the Promotion Period (“Eligible Transaction”) to receive a HK$25 statement credit (“Registered Card Offer”).
  3. A Registered Card is entitled to receive the Registered Card Offer at up to ten Participating Merchant locations or websites during the Promotion Period, with a limit of one HK$25 statement credit per Participating Merchant location or website, up to a total of HK$250 statement credit. 
  4. The Registered Card Offer only applies to Eligible Transactions on the registered Card. Supplementary Cards must be registered separately and spend cannot be combined amongst Cards to meet the Spending Requirement.
  5. Participation is limited to the first 60,000 Eligible Cards that are successfully registered.
  6. Only American Express® Cards issued in Hong Kong by American Express International, Inc. (“American Express”) and DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“Eligible Cards”) are eligible to participate in the Registered Card Offer. Corporate Cards issued by American Express are not eligible to participate in the Registered Card Offer. 
  7. Transactions where Cardmembers do not spend on their registered Card directly in person at a Participating Merchant physical location in Hong Kong, or online at a Participating Merchant's Hong Kong website, will not be considered Eligible Transactions. In the event a Participating Merchant is located within a hotel, transactions must be made directly at the Participating Merchant physical location to be considered Eligible Transactions. 
  8. Transactions made through a third party establishment (including, but not limited to, third party delivery or take away services) or third party payment processor will not be considered Eligible Transactions.
  9. Un-posted/cancelled/refunded transactions and transactions that are found to be fraudulent will not be considered Eligible Transactions.
  10. Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form. 
  11. Credit should appear on Cardmember’s Account within 5 business days from Eligible Transaction but may take up to 100 business days from the end of Promotion Period.
  12. Credit will not be applied to Cardmember’s Account if the account has been suspended or cancelled.
  13. Credit may be reversed if an Eligible Transaction is refunded or cancelled.
  14. American Express is not the provider of any of these products and/or services that are made available pursuant to the Registered Card Offer and makes no representation or warranty in relation to such products and/or services.
  15. American Express shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss), or for personal injury which is suffered or sustained, as a result of taking or using any of the Offer, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.
  16. In the event of any dispute arising from the Registered Card Offer, the decision of American Express shall be final.
  17. In the event of any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

Registered Card Registration Terms and Conditions
Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”) before registering for the Merchant Offer(s) (as defined below) provided on this registration page (the “Registration Page”). By registering for the Merchant Offer, you have entered into a legally binding agreement with American Express International, Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, “American Express”, “we” or “us”). If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, go to www.americanexpress.com.hk to return to the American Express website. The Merchant Offer is provided only to Eligible Cardmembers (as defined below) who agree to be bound by this Agreement and the Offer Terms set out above on this Registration Page (“Offer Terms”).
The offer is governed by and subject to these Offer Terms. The offer description forms part of these Offer Terms. By registering your Card for the Offer, you agree to these Offer Terms.

A. The Offer                                        
Register your Card for the offer and spend the required amount in accordance with the offer description during the offer period to receive your account credit or bonus points.  The offer description is displayed to you when you register for the offer.  After you register for the offer, you can continue to access the offer description and terms until the end of the offer period by re-visiting the confirmation email or page from where you registered for the offer.

B. Eligible Cards
Not all Cards are eligible for this offer.  If your Card is ineligible, you will receive an error message and you will not be able to register for the offer.  A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided by you at the point of your registration if you are successful in your registration. 
American Express Corporate Cards, American Express Business Travel Accounts, Corporate Purchasing Cards and all American Express Cards issued outside of Hong Kong are not eligible.

Replacement Cards: If you are issued a replacement Card with a new Card number after registration, your participation in this offer will end and you will need to re-register for the offer.

Multiple Cards: If you have multiple American Express Cards, including a Supplementary Card, a separate registration is required for each Card. Transaction(s) on a Basic Card and a Supplementary Card under your account will be counted separately towards each separate registered Card.

C. Transactions that are not eligible                                
The following transactions are not eligible and will not count towards your spend for the purposes of the offer: 
•    transactions where you do not spend directly with the merchant (for example, if you buy the merchant’s goods through a third party department store); 
•    transactions that are subsequently cancelled or refunded;
•    transactions where the merchant does not pass on the information we need to process it properly within the offer period (for example, when their payment systems are down and they cannot process the transaction electronically)

D. Credit & Points    
Credits or points should be credited to your account within 5 business days of you meeting the offer spend requirement – however this can take up to 100 days from the offer end date.  Your credits or points may be reversed if an eligible transaction is subsequently cancelled or refunded.  If your Card is suspended or cancelled, we do not credit your account with credit or points even if you have met the offer spend criteria.  
For bonus points offers, you must be enrolled in the relevant loyalty program and have an active loyalty account to receive the points.  

E. Your account payments
You must continue to make all payments to your Card account in full when they are due.  If you don’t, your participation in the offer may be cancelled. 

F. Privacy and Security 
We use your personal information such as name, account number, email and transaction information to manage your participation in the offer and track your spend. We will only ever use your personal information strictly in accordance with the
American Express International Inc. Hong Kong Branch Online Privacy Statement.

G. Fraud/Gaming/Glitches
American Express reserves the right to suspend or cancel the offer if any fraud or gaming by users, technical failure or any other factors outside our control impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the offer which may result in any loss or damage to American Express.  We will try to give you reasonable notice of any such incident and take reasonable steps to ensure you are not unfairly impacted if the incident is due to something we have done or failed to do. 
American Express reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual suspected of fraud, gaming the offer or any breach of the Offer Terms.  
American Express shall not be liable to you if the registration page is unavailable or interrupted and such unavailability or interruption results in your inability to register or a delay in your registration for the offer.

H. Changes 
American Express reserves the right to vary any eligibility criteria or Offer Terms prior to you registering your Card for the offer.

I. Languages
In the case of any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions, the English version of the offer description and the offer terms shall prevail. 

The offer is provided by American Express International Inc., Hong Kong branch of 18/F, Cityplaza 4, 12 Taikoo Wan Road, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong.
By clicking on the Enrol button, I agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Enrollment Site PageEnrollment Site Page

Enrollment Site PageEnrollment Site Page